100 Million BC (2008)

An elite military team. Sent back in time. They will not return... Alone.
Science Fiction • 85 minutes  2.4/10
Starring: Michael Gross Christopher Atkins Greg Evigan Stephen Blackehart Geoff Meed Wendy Carter Marie Westbrook Phil Burke and others.
Director: Griff Furst Screenplay: Paul Bales Director of Photography: Alexander Yellen Producer: David Michael Latt Editor: Mark Atkins Nick Everhart Original Music Composer: Ralph Rieckermann
Released • July 29, 2008

A scientist leads a team of Navy SEALs back in time to the Cretaceous Period to rescue the first team he sent back during the 1940s. Things go wildly when he accidentally brings a giant dinosaur back into Los Angeles.

A.K.A. CZ: Jurské komando  DE: 100 Millionen BC  ES: Regreso a la tierra de los dinosaurios  FR: Préhistoric  PL: 100 Milionów BC  RU: 100 миллионов лет до нашей эры  US: 100,000,000 BC