Nagesh Thiraiyarangam (2018)

Horror / Romance • 128 minutes
Starring: Aari and others.
Director: Mohamad Issack Screenplay: Mohamad Issack Story: Mohamad Issack Director of Photography: E J Nauzad Producer: Punitha Rajan Rajendra M Rajan Editor: S Devaraj Original Music Composer: Srikanth Deva
Released • February 16, 2018

A real estate dealer, who sets out to sell his father’s old property, a movie theatre, finds that the building is possessed by a ghost

A.K.A. DE: நாகேஷ் திரையரங்கம்  ES: நாகேஷ் திரையரங்கம்  FR: நாகேஷ் திரையரங்கம்  PT: நாகேஷ் திரையரங்கம்  RU: நாகேஷ் திரையரங்கம்